Sunday, 25 January 2009

Current trends

Dollar : bullish
Yen : bullish
Exotic currencies : bearish
Money purchasing power : growing
Stocks : bearish
Oil : bottoming
Gold : sideways
Chinese Democracy : GNR's worst album
Gwyneth Paltrow : most beautiful
My health : steady
Love : I don't do love
Sian : gone to Asia
Winter : turning into spring
Hanging on the wall : charts of my life trends

It doesn't matter who you believe you are. It doesn't matter who you are not. Your mind is like liquid silver. When I take a dive into my memory, I cannot believe how much I lived through. I have an impression I had many personalities and different lives. I was happier when I was poorer and had less to lose. People are rational. But the colours they see don't talk to them about the light source.
The light of our mind is lit early in our lives. It may be modified once or twice later. Some can turn it on and off. They are called clairvoyants or abominable witches.

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