Sunday, 8 August 2010

Wielki Szu

Maybe next time you should check your facts before you flap your gums. Michael Grant DID suffer a KO loss to Golota. There's nothing worse than a know it all that doesn't know shit.

Bombay Bob,

My body magnetism stops watches on my wrist. A joke told can change the life of a man who was born evil then got down through labour of upbringing, although successful people managed to resist and remained evil. Body is at a mercy of mind : if the candle is green then buy, if red then sell. People are weak and dirty so they've got to look strong and clean. Most know it's as stupid as woman's priority in life which is comfort while you fell in love with a fake smile that attracts unhappy children looking weird when smile for the camera; all in all 10 pips a day can change one's life.

A day trade (order to open closed manually) and three scalp trades. Forex is usually not perfect for trend following so scalping especially during months like August is a perfect way to kill boredom.