Saturday, 21 March 2009

Obama Nope

President Barack Obama began his term with record approval rating. Barack Obama's inaugural approval rating of 83% easily topped John F. Kennedy's inaugural approval rating of 72%, the previous record set in 1961. Within three days, however, Barack Obama's approval rating tumbled 15 points to 68% after his executive order on a highly controversial issue and as the true details of his economic plan and religious beliefs began to emerge. Barack Obama's current rating is driven by his policies on the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, as well as his positions on marriage and abortion, including of babies born alive, and does suffer from racism. Like the Presidents before him, President Obama and his handlers are doing their best to manage the media and thereby manage the public's expectation and approval rating.

Voters hoped for an end to Iraq war, Wall Street bail-outs and police state under pretext of "war on terrorism". As anybody who has eyes to see and ears to hear would guess, things advanced in another direction. US Military Budget will grow further. Not only the US troops won't leave Iraq, but the US are reinforcing their position in Afghanistan, Poland and Czech Republic surrounding Russia. Bail-out money (tax-payers money) flows freely into the chosen few pockets. The Fed continues to dictate policies and prepare government agenda.
Voters still fear President Barack Obama will be assassinated. Although, John Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to usurp the Fed's power. Voters are not concerned with Obama's Youth movement, because Hitler wasn't black, gentle and smiling.
But time will bring change. Illusion will go. Instead of resolving the mystery of a highly suspicious WTC destruction, President Obama is likely to bring about more financial hardship, political trouble and social anger.

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