Sunday, 8 March 2009

Human Lawmakers

If I were Economy, I would find it easy to defeat today's humans. First of all, I would notice how little they and their leaders understand about me. How far they have gone from me and how vulnerable they have become. Every human illusion finally finds its place on the rock bottom of reality. But this time, harsher life-lessons await. Never before in human history, was so little understood by so many and laughed at by so few.

Whatever the humans can say about animals, however poor animals' understanding of humans may be, I would have this to say: blackbirds, lady-birds and black apes know me better. Unless they are endangered by human tyranny, they deal with freedom, lots of sunshine and leisure time. This is something the humans can only dream of.
The humans possess a dangerous tool. They call it brain. This brain operates small amounts of sensual derivatives, called thoughts. Eventually, the attraction of thought grew into information, science and beliefs - vision of reality. In this derived environment, the humans picked up the task of reforming the laws of nature, and of me, Natural Economy. I was not surprised to see dismal results: starvation, mass extermination and weapons of destruction challenging the planet itself.

Original animal perception verging on clairvoyance has long gone. The humans are today driven by popular beliefs which resemble pure lunacy when you think deeper. Economically, the more their brain tries to outsmart me, the poorer they become. It thinks: consumption will increase employment. Employment brings about wealth. To stimulate consumption, we need credit and 2% inflation. Do you hear me, lazy lizards? You will handle a sledgehammer 10 hours a day, you will live in concrete bunkers and be linked electronically to all the world's lizards. But no leisure. You must be acquiring more and more skills and worry...about debt. Doesn't sound attractive? Well, you have no choice. You would be stigmatized in the lizards world.

At economic universities, the history of human economic defeats is called : History of Economic Progress. It is not to suggest that after the defeat, understanding and improvements ensue. In contrary, the human brain targets symptoms and ignores the real fundamentals. Fights war with more armament. Maintains (credit inspired) overpopulation with child tax credit. Props up self-liquidating excess of debt by credit expansion. Creates value losing currency to hold up the level of spending. What spending? No-matter-what. Any. Business opportunities will abound. All you need is brains.

If I were Economy, I would find it easy. But it doesn't play games, doesn't fight wars. Its laws last eternally somewhere around, as the human economic parody crumbles to dust once again under its own impossibility.

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