Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Derivatives trader am I

Profit days every day, stellar PnL ratio, one or two losses a month, great methods, growing size and confidence, where is the limit - you may wonder. Here comes the answer - there's no limit! Give me a single reason why this should stop, never lost my mind or control. Things can only grow.

Market is like an ocean, when you can swim, you won't drown and always catch something. Mind big waves and whales - you are smarter and more nimble than they. If you open the platform with kids joy knowing this day will be another great fun day - welcome to the land of trading.

GBP/USD in June. Entry, partial TP, exit TP, reentry, first partial profit, second PP, stop loss break even first trade, reentry. First partial profit, second partial profit, third partial profit. Now watch out, correction on the stock and commodities markets is about to finish which means - weakness of USD.

EUR/GBP in June. Euro has slightly better fundamentals than the pound but this moment - end of range was a signal to trade short. Entry, first PP, second PP, then shaken out because of early stop loss move to BE. Happens, but shouldn't really, I am too experienced for this.

CAD/CHF in June. CAD is fundamentally inferior to the Swiss franc, but after extreme strength must come some weakness, while CAD was weaker than it should fundamentally, so a great set up. Daily chart trading - buy and sell, buy and sell.
I have had some great trades in commodities - natgas and cocoa, but the platform charts don't show entry/exit points so won't attach any picture. Commodities are easier to trade than currencies, are more profitable and in a great bull market, so plenty of joy for traders.

Exchange paper for something that will not lose value. Land, copper nails, second hand Olympus OM manual lens or shiny metals. Bear in mind that there are many things which value evaporates faster than fiat money's - DVD's, brand new electronic goods, food and cars.

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