Sunday, 11 April 2010


Against the flow - the easiest way to lose money

-- The two red volume bars in the S&P 500 this week are not a good sign. It is a good indication that selling pressure is increasing in stocks. Although there are no losses as of yet, it appears that the urge to take profits after this recent rally is increasing, especially at the quarter end. Mutual fund managers generally cannot sell unless their clients do, but private money managers may. Is it time to look for the exits?

Anthony Cherniawski

Mr Cherniawski remains impractically wishful. As much as the broadening top formation which he mesmerizes innocent investors with. So that they keep away from stocks and never get a penny from the undeniable and healthy bull market. Of course, he still holds the same short position he was talking about in August. He is wealthy, so he can.

Against the flow - the easiest way to make money

Apply some logic:
1. Oanda makes money on spreads weather you loose or win. Why would they care what direction you trade?
2. The more you have, the more you trade, the more they make. Why would they want you to loose it all? Nobody is that dumb. You are their cow to milk. Killing you means no milk for them.

Now, seriously:
1. People who rant about 50 pips spreads - have no idea what NEWS and speculation means, nor have they any notion of high vs low liquidity.
2. People who rant about slippage - have no idea, what liquidity means in general.
3. People who rant about spikes - have no idea how easy it is to hunt down and domino day trader\'s SL positions.
4. People who loose money - will always blame the broker.
5. People who win - will always praise themselves.

And further more:
1. We are all sheep.
2. We all run where they tell us.
3. Fear and greed is installed in all of us.
5. We all act emotionally.
6. We do not have the means to change any of the above.

With this knowledge, big players (and a handful of smart, quiet sheep) shave you daily.

Now. Armed with this information. Can you outrun 51% of all sheep?
Statistically you cannot in the long run.
According to Lorenz (Butterfly effect) you can outrun 54% with reasonable knowledge, but not significantly more even with infinite knowledge.

Leave Oanda alone. They have nothing to do with your incapability to think.

"We don't have the means to change the above."
Hey mrt, I am logically-dissectingly sceptical towards any general mania or environmental pressure. Also your rant won't make me run or scream. Do you have any slot and appropriate denomination for me in your sophisticated system of thought?

"Leave Oanda alone. They have nothing to do with your incapability to think."
I share the view of the many Oanda users that the platform becomes unfriendly to successful traders. To verify this though, you need to be successful first. One of my experiences goes like this: I was long USD/ZAR on Monday, 1st of November 2009, when the price early about 1-2 am spiked from 7.82 to 8.24. At that time, the platform became unresponsive, which's never happened before or after as these are not busy forex hours to say the least. I logged off and tried to log in again, but all I saw was 'server busy, please try again later'. When I eventually got logged in, 25% of my gains have gone and never came back. Leave Oanda alone, if you're capable to think.

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