Monday, 15 December 2008

Cornerstone of Year 2013

Something you must bear in mind is that price levels do not drive perception. You better consider perception do not influence price movements either.

What I want to suggest is Perception and Price go hand in hand.

What really drives Perception and Price is time. Trend is a bigger picture which shows how Price and Perception evolve over time.

Year 2008 has been a coffin for some long term ideas, and gave birth to some new which can be long term until 2013.

Mr Decoupling, after a considerable success of worldwide tour has been shot dead in his Sunday Best. Mrs Houseprice also collapsed, after stating last year she would be fine by then.

Bad boy Buck, after being whipped and sent to hell on many occasions, has come back and taken the high street by force. He expelled all the witches asleep in their commodity booths.

A new religion was born. Its Preacher, Mr Bailout and his ranks grow strong. And the stage was dimly lit - Mrs Deflation pays the bill and urges to save.

The army of investors came home defeated after a decade of successes. They lick their wounds. They won't fight : they want to teach their sons about not to lose.

Some time before 2013, we will see Mr Buck take on Mr Bailout. The winner will consumare la vita with Ms Depression. Then, the stage will be set for new roles.

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